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Did you know that wool breathes and is elastic? Or that you can use different types of wool for different products? For example, lambswool - from the first sheep shearing - is softer than other wool types, so it is perfect for baby clothes. At Wol in huis we not only share the most beautiful wool types and colors with you, but also our knowledge of and love for this beautiful natural material.

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Three facts you want to know about wool

Warm in winter, cool in summer

Wool helps your body regulate its temperature. This keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. This natural material is therefore not only suitable for that thick sweater, but also great for an airy shirt or a romper for your baby.

Self-cleaning, very handy

An often forgotten – but very useful – property of wool is that it repels dirt. The scales in the wool hairs push dirt to the surface. This makes this material very easy to maintain: it is often sufficient to air your woolen clothing outside for a night.

Wool lasts for years

The cool climate in Norway and the healthy lifestyle of the sheep make Rauma wool one of the most environmentally friendly wool types in the world. The untreated wool has such a strong quality that you can enjoy your self-knitted clothing for years to come.

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Erica Tepper

'Wool is such a unique natural product!'

- Erica Tepper -

Craftsmanship and entrepreneurship are in Erica's genes. And the love for wool was also taught to her early by her knitting mother. After her school years she became a computer programmer and it never occurred to her that she would one day own a wool shop. Now a traditional loom fills the living room of her farm in Veendam. Colorful cushions, scarves and rugs show how much – and how skillfully – Erica likes to knit and weave herself. The small webshop she once built herself, to sell red and white wool for knitting Christmas balls, has since grown into the largest Raumawebshop in the Netherlands.

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Natural product

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Nordic Swan Ecolabel

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Ingrid, May 2021