Fremstrikk pattern Laura dress


Knitting pattern Laura Dress by designer Julie Embrå of Embraknit.

This pattern is in English.

‘This pattern is part of Fremstrikk 2023. Fremstrikk is a magazine by Rauma Garn made with the intention of promoting those who work with, engage in, and create using Norwegian wool. In Fremstrikk 2023 we have teamed up with six talented and inspiring designers. Each of them have created a pattern using one of our softest yarn qualities made from Norwegian wool, Fivel.’

XS (S) M (L) XL

Short version approx. 82 (82) 83 (83) 84 cm (or desired length)
Long version approx. 114 (114) 115 (115) 116 cm (or desired length)
Breast circumference: 80-85 cm (85-90 cm) 90-95 cm (95-100 cm) 100-105 cm

Rauma Fivel and Rauma Alpaca Silk

Short version:
Rauma Fivel approx. 6 (6) 7 (7) 8 skeins
Rauma Alpaca Silk approx. 3 (3) 4 (4) 4 skeins
Long version:
Rauma Fivel approx. 8 (9) 10 (10) 10 skeins
Rauma Alpaca Silk approx. 5 (5) 5 (5) 6 skeins
The number of skeins needed are approximate and may
vary depending on your height and preferred skirt length.

Alternative 1:
Fivel 10 – Emeraldgrønn Alpaca Silk 0961 – Mørk grønn
Alternative 2:
Fivel 13 – Rosa Alpaca Silk 5279 – Cerise
Alternative 3:
Fivel 23 – Lys turkis Alpaca Silk 5114 – Lys blå

14 sts stockinette on needle 6 mm = 10 cm

6 mm circular needle (80 cm long)

The pattern comes on 90-grams paper in a sleeve.

This pattern can also be purchased without Rauma wool. It would be practical to look up your size above and how much wool is needed, and order the wool and the yarn together. Of Alpaca Silk not all colors are directly available, these can be ordered via email


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